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Imagine playing the greatest courses in the world with your own clubs while collecting valuable information that will improve your golf game AND allow you to compete in world-class tournaments. Now all of this can happen with E6 Cloud™ and the Golf Sim Tour™!


Soon E6 Cloud and the Golf Sim Tour™ will be made available throughout the world and will be compatible with the best-selling launch monitors and simulators on the market. Subscribers will have access to world-class golf courses with new updates and fresh content added each year. All of this can be streamed directly to any computer with an internet connection. With E6 cloud you can play many of the world’s greatest golf courses created with painstaking detail, beauty and artistry. The playing experience is unbelievably immersive as no other golf software provides this level of accuracy. Here is a sneak peek of three new courses just added:



To help you with each individual aspect of your game there are specially designed practice areas for driving, chipping and putting. The service is about more than just playing and practicing. As an E6 cloud subscriber you can compete against players from across the world for a chance to win real cash and prizes. E6 is all about making you the player that you want to be. It tracks every shot, reports every score and provides the necessary feedback to take your game to the next level. The service will track your greens in regulation, how many fairways you hit, three-putt avoidance and much more. The precise analytics and instant metrics help golfers of all skill levels progress their games and lower their handicaps.


E6 Cloud will also take golf into the world of online social gaming. Players can post their best shots, publish their scores and challenge others around the world making it the best place for online social interaction.


There's growing concern in the golf industry that the sport has lost some appeal to the younger demographics and families because of the game's difficulty and cost. With E6 there are new ways to play and teach golf that will make it more fun for beginners and more family oriented. A special “Easy Golf Mode” is available that takes away slices, adds power and makes putting a snap with a much larger hole. It will also feature golf game variations that have a video game feel. All of these new features make it easier for younger and novice players to enjoy the game as they develop their skills.


Demolition Driving Range


E6 Cloud will revolutionize the sport of golf by making it more social, convenient and fun. It provides an experience that's never been available to players before. The combination of online competitive interaction, valuable training feedback and progress tracking allows you to become a better player while you enjoy your round. On top of everything it provides a new active entertainment center that makes golf exciting for adults and kids alike.



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